About Founder

Welcome to EverydayHUMANE!  Our programs encourages children to think about their responsibility to the earth and all its inhabitants while providing them tools to make more informed and compassionate choices.We can all make a difference in this world by looking at the many choices we make every day and choose the ones create the least amount of harm. Through these choices we each become co-creators in creating more peaceful, sustainable, and compassionate communities. 

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  • Children's educator with over 13 years experience 

  • Certified Humane Education Specialist 

  • Certified Nature Art Facilitator 

  • 2019 Bay Harbor Islands Program Award  (The Kind Club)

  • 2017 PETA Teacher of the Year Award

  • Ashoka Changemakers Finalist

  • Recipient of the Hispanic Heritage Month Award for Outstanding Organization in South Florida

  • Millennium Development Ambassador (Teachers without Borders) 

  • Ambassador for Peace (United Peace Federation)

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